Poem: A Man Walks North

A man walked down a street
What street? A street one walked down
So, down this street, this man did meet
A fellow man walking down the street
But in the opposite direction.

The man walking north, the first man, exclaimed
“Why man walking south, why do walk in that direction?”
South man, have stopped walking south, proclaimed
“Walking south is the thing to do, in these days and times.”

The man walking north pondered this statement, as it seemed odd
He could not fathom why anyone would walk south, when north seemed so promising
At last, he had to ask once again, so with a nod
“I see, but why?”

The man who had at one point been traveling south replied
“You see, where I live is in the south.
And at the end of the day, no matter what I’ve spied
I always want to return home.”

With that, the man walking south resumed walking south
And the man who was walking north just stood there
But slowly, but surely, a smile danced across his mouth
And he turned south and walked.



One Response to “Poem: A Man Walks North”

  1. slpmartin Says:

    Very clever verse…I enjoyed reading it.

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