Poem: Pop Culture Poetry

Boris Becker, tennis match
Why was Desmond in the Hatch?
People singing on that Idol
On CSI, Grissom loves Siddle.

Once there was Scooby and Shaggy
Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie
From The Beatles to Lady Gaga
From Milton Berle to Jerry Seinfeld making us haha

“He was dead” was the twist
Like Rosebud and the ending to The Mist
Bruce Lee, karate chopping
Girls in poodle skirts, sock hopping

Who will win the Oscar this year?
What did the Emmy winner say in your ear?
You may cry that you didn’t start the fire
But that’s not what they heard at the Shire

In the end, there are the closing credits
Like a Wes Anderson film with quick edits
Previews for the news come on, what fun.
The night of prime time is done



One Response to “Poem: Pop Culture Poetry”

  1. slpmartin Says:

    Well done!…loved the structure and flow of the poem.

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