Short Story: I Don’t Feel Like Myself Today – Foreword

I have been told that I am one of the first to write about my experiences fighting the disease. When I say fighting, I mean first hand. There have been many books about the second hand experience, the doctors who had to literally fight their patients, government officials who enacted tough laws to prevent a pandemic (and failed anyways), the everyday people who saw their loved ones wither away and turn in front of them. All of them heroes. But none of them know what it is like to feel the disease pump through your body, weakening you. The feeling of hopelessness when you get the migraines that may signal the end. Fearing what comes after death.

The CDC’s very rough estimate of people who were infected in the first few waves, in America alone, is about 30 million. 30 million people and yet, this book is one of the first to recount the “insider” experience. Isn’t that weird? I have also been told that my story is one of the most important, seeing as I am part of the younger generation, the generation that should have known better. That is such a nice description. I know sarcasm doesn’t come across well in the print media, but rest assured, I was being sarcastic. How could we have known better, how could anyone have known better, when there was misinformation and no clear facts for the first 18 months?

It still is hard to get any insight into how it is like to live with the disease. Denial runs rampant, even now. People think they have the cold or a 24 hour bug that lasts a year. Reporters are hesitant to interview the living for fear of becoming infected themselves or being present when death hits. If the media is running scared, then that trickles down to us common folk and we clam up. So that is why there has been a dearth of any substantial account from this side of the line. At least, in my opinion.

I was approached to write a book after some publisher came across my blog. I don’t know what in the blog inspired them to think I could write a book. My blog was sporadically updated at best and wasn’t focused solely on my health. As such, you won’t be seeing any adaptation of my blog into book form, though I still reread my posts so I could remember how I was feeling on any particular day. But this book comes with hindsight, which is always 20/20. I hope what I write opens up the door to other victims who want their voice to be heard. A less lofty goal is just to get my story out there and hopefully make some money off of it. I deserve something good to happen to me.

Jonathan George
September 2012


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