Poem: Rain

H2O falling from the skies
Forming puddles that reflect my eyes
Do not want to get my socks soaked
A tiny man in a puddle, he did croak.

It comes in a drizzle, it comes in a pour
Not like water we may buy from a store
The ground gets wet and forms mud
Turning firecrackers into duds

Wicked Witches will do melt
When the first drops are felt
What is the source of Mother Nature’s tears?
The ones we all experience each and every year?

Soon the sun will peak out from behind those clouds
And the thunderclaps won’t be so loud
But leave me here, with the rain upon my skin
It is only the happiest place I am in



2 Responses to “Poem: Rain”

  1. slpmartin Says:

    Good poem…like the many references in it.

  2. sandy Says:

    Listen to the pouring rain, listen to it pour.

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