Play: Emergency

Inside of an ambulance, as two paramedics, both males, drive towards an unknown emergency.

DRIVER: We’ve got a possible heart attack on 14th Street!
PARTNER: We never talk anymore.
PARTNER: We don’t talk to each other anymore.
DRIVER: I have no idea what you are talking about.
PARTNER: That’s my point! When we first were going out, we had conversations that lasted hours. We used to entertain guests together!
DRIVER: You mean the patients we pick up?
PARTNER: Yes! I haven’t changed, but you have. You know what I am talking about now?
DRIVER: I told you, I had to pick up a second shift to feed my family.
PARTNER: Oh, it is so easy for you to rationalize it, isn’t it? What about my needs?
DRIVER (talking into the radio): Roger, we are almost there. (To partner) This is a professional relationship.
PARTNER: Professional? I’m like a prostitute, is that it?
DRIVER: That is not what I meant and you know it!
PARTNER: I don’t know anything anymore! (starts to cry)
DRIVER (sympathetically): Listen, don’t cry. You know I hate it when you cry.
PARTNER (sniffing): i know.
DRIVER: Tell you what, I am going to take you out to dinner tonight, my treat.
PARTNER: At Chinco’s?
DRIVER: You know it, buddy!
PARTNER (smiling): I love you.
DRIVER (smiling): I love you too. Now let’s save a life.
The ambulance stops and the guys pop out.
PARTNER (yelling): Now who the hell has the bum ticker!?


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