Poem: Dollars and Sense

Driven by greed
For the greenbacks and the big bucks
Investments set up like all-in-a-row ducks
To be shot down by someone else’s need

“Easy come, easy go,” they say
Trying to keep a standard of life
Each expendenture, felt like a knife
There is always someone to pay

Nothing lasts forever
Not a name or a bank account
Not even the debts as they mount
Money just goes down the drain, opened by an avarice lever

One cannot be free of money
It is always there, lurking beneath the surface
Like checks that just need a signature cursive
So embrace it, don’t be afraid, make that honey



2 Responses to “Poem: Dollars and Sense”

  1. sandy Says:

    Now Honey, that makes Scents

  2. slpmartin Says:

    Money is truly under the surface (motive) of most things..so nicely said.

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