Humor: More Than One One-Liner

The difference between me being neurotic and me being erotic is you…and “n.”

Do you think the word tissues comes it dealing with the issue of a runny nose to a “t?”

Wow, those past two one-liners had a single letter punchline. “Y?”

Phones are evolving into computers. I expect to see @Darwin write “On the Origins of Specialty Tech” soon.

I like to think I am a sensitive artist. And that makes me cry.

My attention span is getting shorter and shorter. Just the other day…ooooh, shiny object!

New York City is the city that never sleeps, while Las Vegas is Sin City and keeps secrets. If they ever got together, it would be crazy! Though who would know?

I realize I ask a lot of questions. I say that makes me inquisitive, others argue ill-informed.

Musicians get to makes demos, TV producers, pilots. I would like to see other professions get a “free trial.” “Hey, I am going to give you a preliminary diagnosis. If it doesn’t work out, I’ll come back later with a different one. Maybe a little folksier.”


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