Humor: More About The Most Uninteresting Man in the World

Previously, I spoofed the Dos Equis ads. Now, some more!

He dated a crazy girl for like 6 months.

He wears glasses when he too lazy to put in his contact lenses.

He snuck into a movie that he had already paid a ticket for.

He once had a turkey club on pumpernickel.

He has the high score on that pinball machine in that family restaurant.

He always says hello to his neighbors if he sees them walking their dog.

His high school letter jacket simply says “Did Not Participate.”

He can do the doggie paddle.

His book collection is extensive and exhaustive.

He owns 2 pairs of sunglasses.

He prefers to power walk over jogging.

His favorite band broke up years ago.

He keeps an eight-track in his basement.

His coffee table is covered in magazines.

He wrote a very angry “Letter to the Editor” after he read an article he disagreed with. It did not get published.

His favorite novel was turned into a movie, which he enjoyed.

He dabbles in paperclip jewelry.

He doesn’t always drink when he is thirsty, but when he does, it is water.


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