Poem: Ode to a Father

Glove in hand
You taught me how to play
Put me on my own two feet
And showed me how to stand

Worked hard to provide
So we may never suffer
Stood up for our family
So that we may never hide

Always there with a smile and a joke
Keeping us in stitches
And when I am down
There with an encouraging poke

No one can ask for a better role model
On how to be a great man
Knowing when to stay quiet
And when to push it full throttle

You are my hero
Super powered and all
In my lists of greatest dads
You are next to zero

So I take this moment to praise you
Though I do that every day
You mean so much to me
For everything that you do


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One Response to “Poem: Ode to a Father”

  1. slpmartin Says:

    A fine poem for father’s day thanks for sharing it.

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