Comic: Hollow Oak University – #3 – Moving On Up

Trickery into helping someone move is a well worn trope, but one that works so well. I wonder if Chester will end up doing most of the moving himself as Professor (or Doctor) Harvey stands off to the side. Harvey is Chester’s and Berkeley’s boss, so naturally if he asks them to jump, they would respond “Why would you want us to jump?” Here though, Dr. Harvey knows the best way to entice his employee is with the promise of recognition. We are but easily manipulated fools.

On the topic of moving, since Father’s Day was yesterday, I will regale you with a tale of moving that involves my father and myself. Some years ago, as I was moving into college, my father was there to help. And by help, I mean provide most of the muscle. This fact did not go unnoticed by my dad. In fact, he said something to the effect of “Don’t you find it embarassing that your 50 year old dad can carry more boxes than yourself?” I think by the fact that I am telling you this stort, that answer is no. Us scientists and engineers aren’t big on the whole physical actions thing, which why I picture Chester and Harvey just staring at boxes until they call a moving service.

I hope you enjoy this week’s strip. Next week, I’ll be in the Windy City, presenting my own research (that, thankfully, did not explode), so the strip for next Monday may be a little late in being posted. But fear not, I may tinker around with WordPress and schedule an update (a feature I’ve never used before) or try to get to a computer, post haste after my talk. I am not abandoning you!



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3 Responses to “Comic: Hollow Oak University – #3 – Moving On Up”

  1. Sam Says:

    I schedule updates all the time so if you need any help let me know.

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