Poem: Karaoke

I wanted Lady GaGa but they gave me Paul McCartney
How can we even call this a party?
People are milling around, not paying attention
So I start to sing like I’m a Muppet from John Henson

I bust out the first verse, get people to their feet
Pretty soon, I’ll be the singer they all want to meet
Now I’m at the chorus, belting it all on key
You wouldn’t have thought I was a singer, little ole me

Then “Highway to Hell” hits and the bar is rockin’
You know “These Boots Were Meant for Walkin.”
Even the little old lady gets up and grabs the mic
And imitates Fergie on “Tonight’s Gonna Be a Good Night”

Arms around each other, we sway to the music
Once you open your mouth, it is so easy to do it
Not everyone can be on “American Idol”
But in karaoke, the joy of singing is tidal



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