Comic: Hollow Oak University – #4 – Zero Confidence

Greetings from The Windy City, Chicago! I am in the home of the deep dish pizza for my own scientific reason: I am giving a presentation at a conference for the national organization of aerospace engineers. Hopefully, this update actually works as I scheduled it last week to be posted today. My sister schedules posts all the time over at her blog, Reading For Robin, and she seems to do an okay job of it, so I should be able to as well, right? If not, I can blame the generation gap, even though she is only a few years younger than I. Technology!

Today’s comic finds Berkeley and Chester at the local watering hole. Berkeley, like most of us, cannot leave work at the office. Tunnelvision is a real problem for me sometimes, where I cannot see anything past the problem I am working on, even if I am not physically working on it. Chester, however, doesn’t have this problem and finds a more relevant metaphor than more science for Berkeley’s troubles. Could this be a tease for a new character? You will just have to wait and see (the answer is yes, by the way).

Much appreciation goes out to Sean for this comic. As you can see it is very art-heavy. I left it up to him as to how exactly to portray the bar and he went all out, with an actual bar and a dartboard. A freakin’ dartboard! I can almost picture darts flying at it and badly missing the bullseye. I think this may be our best comic yet and 90% of that is because of the art. I absolutely love Berkeley’s expression in the third panel. It is very dynamic.

We are still working out some kinks in posting these comics. Unfortunately, WordPress is not very cooperative when it comes to sizing the strips when they are posted, which either results in the text being too small or too stretched on the normal view of the blog. However, you can always click on the actual comic strip, which will lead to its optimal dimensions. If you are having problems and have some ideas how to fix it within the confines of WordPress, please let me know. Or, just click on the blog alot, tell your friends, and if we get popular enough, we will get our own website and make lots of money. Just a suggestion!


P.S. Have you found the Easter Egg joke for each strip yet?


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