Comic: Hollow Oak University – #5 – Excited State

Like the science and engineering fields, one in five (comics) will feature a female! Actually, the hope is Bryn will be a regular character. I know that news will excite and frighten Berkeley all the same. Bryn is an interesting character and keep an eye on how she plays off of not only Berkeley, but Chester as well. There is a lot of room there for some fun stories. Are you going to be Team Brynkeley or Team Chryn? Well, don’t form those groups yet, as I promise no love triangles or sparkly scientists. If love is in the air, that is only because Berkeley and Chester accidentally released a pheromone.

Last week I was in Chicago, presenting some of my mad scientist results. It went well, but the best part was the city of Chicago. One of the perks of my job is that I get to travel to all these different cities. In the past 4 months I have been to Chicago, Monterrey, and Austin. Each had its charm and each left such an impression on me I can’t wait to go back to those cities and explore them so more. Of course, I don’t have to travel to a city to love it. Being only a few miles away from the nation’s capital has its benefits. What better way to feel patriotic than to visit the National Mall or the Jefferson Memorial? I say as July 4th was yesterday. I just love being a tourist, even in places I have visited many times before.

Finally, I would like to point out the clock (yes, that is a clock) behind Berkeley and Bryn in the panels. That is an invention of Sean. He tried to explain it to me how it tells time (this world does not operate on 24 hours is a day), but my eyes glazed over and a little bit of drool fell out of my mouth. Maybe he will be kind enough to explain it in the comments. We here at Hollow Oak University love the details. Yes, the jokes may not be subtle, but besides that…the details!



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  2. Sam Says:

    I just wanted to say, I love these! Which even I’m surprised about since we share many things but a sense of humor is not usually one of them

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