Comic: Hollow Oak University – #6 – Me and My Limit Points

Berkeley, Berkeley, Berkeley, you save the impressive, but ultimately worthless, research discussion until the second meeting, the second meeting! Now you have no where to go but down. Really, who hasn’t had a chat with someone where you are prattling on and on about something, only to realize at the end you are the only person who would care about such a thing? I know I have. Repeatedly. And realizing it halfway through the conversation, yet being unable to stop yourself doesn’t help either. They say scientists and engineers aren’t social creatures, but that isn’t because we are shy and don’t like to talk. It is because what we talk about is so removed from normal conversations even Albert Einstein would throw up his hands and go “E=MC Boring!”

This arc where Berkeley and Bryn meet is apropos of a recent event I attended: a wedding. (Don’t worry, Berkeley and Bryn will not be getting married in the series finale of HOU. We are saving that for sweeps week!) A common question asked at weddings of the newlyweds is “How did you meet?” Usually it is a cute little story. Weddings remind me that I am a hopeful, hopeless romantic. Since I cannot control my own life, I am left to ponder the futures of these characters I can control: Will Berekeley, after finding the geek girl of his dreams and marrying her, someday tell his kids about how he met their mother (and if we put that in the comics, can Bob Saget narrate it)? I picture any story Berkeley tells about the meeting to allude to string theory, various paradoxes and the law of attraction (magnetic, not physical). Hopefully, future married Berkeley’s wife has taught her her children how to smile and nod their heads politely. Of course, maybe Berkeley never marries and he becomes the swinging bachelor of the science field like how Austin Powers is the swinging bachelor of the spy game.

What else is there to talk about? As always, I have to give credit to Sean for the artwork this week. His art is like clockwork. Talking of clockwork, the clock has changed time to indicate the passage of said time. Sean is clearly having fun messing around with his original creation of the clock. Because through the clock, he controls the time in the HOU universe. Sean is the Clock King. The Batman: The Animated Series version. I always enjoy brainstorming ideas with him and hashing out what punchlines work and don’t work, but we never discuss art before hand that much, at least not details like the clock. And I wouldn’t want to, as I am not very creative that way. I leave it to the professional amateur in Sean.



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