Humor: Breaking News

This just in…a breeze through the office, originating from the open window.

What household item is killing you as we speak? We’ll let you know after this commercial break!

Dozens dead. Now, a cute puppy!

Let’s throw it out to our reporter on the scene. Maybe he can recycle it.

Our top story just gets on getting spun and spun.

A shocking discovery today: I am not wearing any pants.

Over in sports, our sports guy is beating up our tech guy.

Weather forecast for tomorrow, sunny with the high in the 80s. Of course, tomorrow morning, I will say it will be rainy with the high in the 60s, so tune in for that.

And finally, in entertainment news, stick around for a rerun of Seinfeld that is coming up next. That is way more entertaining than the nightly news.



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