Art Project: 52 Card Write-Up – Nine of Clubs

A coworker wrote this one up. In an amazing coincidence, one that gives me faith that I am onto something here, he references the urban myth of “Paul is Dead.” Paul being Paul McCartney of The Beatles (and, of course, Wings). It is a coincidence because I am a huge Beatles fan, but the reason why I became a fan in the first place is that I heard about the rumor that Paul McCartney died in a car crash when I was young and I couldn’t believe it. Apparently, there were clues in Beatles songs. I just had to follow this up and search for these “clues.” So I raided my parents’ record (yes, record!) and CD collection and listened to the songs nonstop. One of the rumors is that if you played “Revolution 9” backwards, the repeated line “Number 9” really says “Turn me on, Dead Man.” Hence, why this coworker wrote on the nine of clubs that Paul is Dead.


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One Response to “Art Project: 52 Card Write-Up – Nine of Clubs”

  1. Sam Says:

    I’m in… I just haven’t decided what card I want yet!

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