Comic: Hollow Oak University – #7 – Better Than Last Week

And Dr. Harvey makes his first appearance. I believe when he writes about his experience with Berkeley and Chester, he will title the book “20,000 Beleaguereds Under the Sea.” But can you blame those two for wanting to talk about Berkeley’s encounter with Bryn? To make a real world analogy, a male scientist’s wish list goes like this: solve the 3-D Navier-Stokes Equations, Fermat’s Last Theorem, and the mystery of the opposite sex. And any good scientist knows that the order in which results arrive does not matter, so that list is not a ranking.

Coming up later this week, in the future as it were, I will be heading down to Florida and giving a progress report of sorts to my dad, or should I say Dr. Dad? I am sure it will be the inverse of the type of progress report Dr. Harvey would want to hear. Flying is a weird experience for me. I used to scared of it, as most people are. I still get scared when we hit a particularly bad patch of tolerance, but now I am fascinated with flying. Most people hate sitting next to the wing/engine, but I try to sit there, especially if the row is open. I like to watch the contrails (streamlines) over the wing during flight and landing. That is my education in use in the real world. Though I must prefer to watch that stuff out of a rocket window, but I am too much of a wimp to be an astronaut. Call me when Virgin Galatic is hyper-successful and going to the moon is like going to the grocery store.

You guys like how the typical 4-panel strip was remodeled as a 3-panel one for this week’s action? I think Sean’s decision to tweak the format for this week works well with the twist at the end, the reveal of Harvey. The expanded third panel is like pulling back the curtain and revealing this whole other space. Interesting enough, I was talking to a coworker last week about how the panels in a comic can add so much to the story just by their shape and use and here Sean is proving that point.

Talking of my coconspirator in all things HOU, he suggested that we write some short stories to flesh out the universe in which these characters dwell. So starting this week, be introduced to Tuft the Janitor and his adventures, starting with Part 1 of Cleanliness is Next to Godliness. Eventually Tuft will make his way into the comic, but for now, enjoy his battles against stains and science.



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