Art Project: 52 Card Write-Up – Four of Diamonds

I cajoled another coworker to participate in my little project. This one makes reference to Seinfeld and one of its many popular characters: The Soup Nazi. Once again, by a stroke of luck or fate, a coworker made a reference that I can actually say I get and not only that, is not a minor reference in my view. Seinfeld played a large role in my life. I believe my sister once said anything in life can be related to an episode of Seinfeld (or Friends). I was once told I had Kramer hair and Jerry’s sense of humor. And in high school, my two best friends and I often debated which Seinfeld character we were (there was no Elaine). I still watch five or ten minutes of Seinfeld each day, since it is on in syndication for all eternity and I still find the jokes funny. All this and I really didn’t start watching Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer until their final season. Like I said, syndication has certainly increased my appreciation of Seinfeld (and The Simpsons).

Boy, I really should have yadda, yadda, yadda’d most of that story, shouldn’t have I?


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