Art Project: 52 Card Write-Up – Queen of Hearts

According to a quick Google search, because my Latin is rusty, “Quid Pro Quo” means “something for something.” Though the phrase has come to be known for meaning an equal and fair trade, I would like to think the original coiner was just mumbling to himself, trying to think of an awesome phrase and was using the “somethings” as a placeholder till he got a better idea. I don’t know if the phrase first popped up in their time, but I can imagine a philosopher trying to compete with Aristotle and Socrates, trying to hit up a goldmine of an idea that would make him as popular as those guys and help him with the toga-wearing ladies. Anyways, thank you to the coworker who wrote this card, though this exchange was more like “Quid Pro Nil,” “something for nothing,” as this project is more about the participation than getting a good in return. Though I think my smiles and hearty thanks is worth more than a million dollars. However, most retail stores don’t see it that way and definitely want “something” in return!


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