Art Project: 52 Card Write-Up – Eight of Clubs

This one is a bit more humorous than anything I have received so far. You see, as a kid, you are constantly looking for “dirty” things in everyday life. You giggle when a poem has a word that sounds naughty, you try to stay up past your bedtime to see if the world turns into Sodom and Gomorrah at 9:01 PM, and, of course, you type in different numbers into your calculator to spell different things. There is the popular 0.7734 that turns into “Hello” when the calculator is turned upside down. Then there is this: 5138008, or “BOOBIES.” Many a laugh was had over the calculator growing up. And if you had a graphing calculator, look out! They didn’t have the same capacity to be “dirty” like a normal calculator, but you can play Tetris or a version of Space Invaders. Is it any wonder that most of friends became engineers or scientists? You couldn’t tear us away from a calculator, though not because we really loved math…


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