Comic: Hollow Oak University – #9 – An Improvement

Last week we had a sass-talking A.I., this week a robot on the rampage. How far off is the Hollow Oak University robocalypse story arc? The pieces are all falling into place, horrible, terrifying place. Even HAL 9000 and Skynet are looking at these stories and thinking this is a bit too mean. What is ED17 (that’s the robot’s name) up to in this arc? Well, you will just have to wait and see. As do Berkeley and Chester. I think they got mechanical and maniacal mixed up when they were programming ED17. An easy thing to do, really.

Keeping with the theme of technology gone haywire, I am recovering from a power outage in my apartment. Now, I am all for getting back to basics every once in a while, but when the only thing I can do is read for 6 hours, things get a bit boring. Luckily, the power has returned and I now sipping from the elixir of the internet and electricity. God bless Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison, and Al Gore. Also, whoever invented air conditioning. Big help when it is in the high 80s…at night!

Sean gives us a peek at the sort of lab buildings on the HOU campus. Not surprisingly, it is a tree. Gotta love the thump effect. I am not even going to attempt to spell the word that means speech for sound, but you know the one I am talking about. I also love how ED17 is drawn. It is hard enough to draw an human android, can you imagine what it is like to draw an android for a fictional species? With treads and a satellite for an ear? Spectacular!

This week’s short story focuses on Knocks, the character that Berkeley has in plushie form as seen in last week’s comic. I invented (meaning, I assume I invented, but probably not) a genre for Knocks to work in: science noir. You will see what I mean when you read the first part of The Case of the Golden Engine.



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