Humor: A Continuation of One Liners

You ever yell “Down in front?” when you are watching something on TV and you are the only one around?

You think someone who is into S&M gets turned on by going to court and hearing what bond is set at?

There are only 24 hours in a day. However, at a Lost and Found, you’ll find many more ‘ours.

These are the jokes, folks. You may not laugh, they may not be funny, but they are…um, something!

I am appalled that MAD Magazine is only publishing 4 issues a year. That means less badly crimped back covers as I try desperately to get the fold-in joke.

I don’t say that I am smart. I allow my various degrees to do the talking.

By the way, they definitely need to make diplomas walletsized. I want to whip out my money holder, flash the ‘loma and assure people, “Don’t worry. ma’am, I am a PhD!”

In the Russian Mafia there are a lot of Serj Protectors.

If I am wearing more than two shirts at the same time, am I shirtmore?

English is my first language, but if I don’t get it, then Spanish is my safety language.

All these actresses going to jail doesn’t surprise me. After all, you can spell “Celebrity” without “Cel!”


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