Comic: Hollow Oak University – #10 – Monday Morning

We’ve hit the big one-oh. Double digits! The rampage continues in this week’s comic. However, Professor Harvey looks very nonchalant about it. Heck, he may even be whistling while he takes in the destruction. That is very nonchalant. It seems like he knows the drill when it comes to Berkeley and Chester and their out-of-control creations. You have to imagine there is a whole subsection in the HOU handbook about what to do when this sort of situation arises. Heck, it even may be included in the tour their give prospective students.

Nothing new or exciting to report from the home front here. My nose may be a little smaller due to the grindstone force I am applying to it. In between writing my dissertation (the non-Lost one) and continuing with actual research, there isn’t a whole lot of time not related to my job in someway. Yes, even when I slip a DVD into the machine, that is related to work. At least, that’s what I tell myself. I wonder if I can write off some of my CD collection as a work related expense, because I do listen to them at work to relax. Engineering: find a way to scrimp and save!

I almost went J. Jonah Jameson on Sean this week, regarding his drawing of the comic. Yes, I was about to ask him to find some photos of Spider-Man. He was under a time crunch due to things outside of the comic (mainly, family visiting) and I will not stand for that! It is comic first, everything else third! What’s second? The comic! In all seriousness, Sean did a mighty fine job this week illustrating Harvey and ED17. If I had to fill in for him, you’d be getting stick figures and not very good stick figures at that. So I thank him. He’s the talent, I am just the brains. Well, he’s the brains too.

On an unrelated note: The Case of the Golden Engine Part 2!



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