Poem: Famous

I want to be famous
Have my face plastered all over
Become an idol
Shine bright like a supernova

People’ll ask for my authograph
I’ll sign like it ain’t nothing
Smiles for the cameras
See that hot new starlet, have a fling

Make the big bucks
Buy millionaire items
Luxuriate in my big pool
Hangers on? I wouldn’t mind ‘em

Win some awards, at least a few
Stack them on my mantle place
Thank the people, big and small
Put on that humble and grateful face

Fame may ring hollow
It won’t last forever
But who wants to live forever
When in the end, we all pull the same lever

Give me superficiality
Give me the pleasures of the flesh
I am not that deep anyways
My morals fall through the mesh

Arrest me, throw my into jail
That’ll only make my star rise
Bad behavior is often rewarded
Any publicity is its own prize

And when I have finally hit rock bottom
When it looks like my career is at an end
Why, I’ll just go on a reality show
And it’ll start all over again

Being famous is the new American dream
Fifteen minutes is now two hours
The draw of fame, as ugly as it may be
Is simply a strong, irresistible power



One Response to “Poem: Famous”

  1. slpmartin Says:

    Oh my so much truth in the end of the poem…thanks for making me smile and think about how things have changed.

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