Humor: Rejected State Mottos

I am sure we all are familiar with our home state’s motto. But are you familiar with some of the earlier versions of your motto?

Alabama: Nearly Indistinguishable From Mississippi and Louisiana

Nevada: We Know, You Are Only Coming Here For Las Vegas

Florida: Everyone Ends Up Here Eventually

Maine: We Hate Stephen King

Minnesota: Isn’t It Your Fantasy To Do It with Twin Cities?

North Dakota: Blame South Dakota

South Dakota: Blame North Dakota

California: Famous For Being Famous

Maryland: Wait, We Are Considered The South? Dammit!

New York: We Know, You Are Only Coming For New York City Or To Get Out of Jersey

New Jersey: Ignore The Sopranos, Jersey Shore, The Real Housewives of New Jersey…

Iowa: We Don’t Know What To Say Either

Idaho: Potatoes, Is That What You Wanted To Hear?!?!

Texas: What They Say About Us Is True

Hawaii: So Glad We Are Away From The Craziness Of The Continent


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