Comic: Hollow Oak University – #11 – Row, Row, Robot

It is very important in engineering to consider all cases where your project may be applicable. Fortunately, Chester thought ED17 through and anticipated many situations where it may be needed. Unfortunately, that means a little water won’t deter the out-of-control robot. Splish, splash, that robot is going to have a blast in the lake. You think Jaws is dangerous in water, what do you think an actual killing machine would be like? Not too pleasant I think. Not too pleasant at all. At least Chester and Berkeley will get a nice tan chasing after ED17.

Last week there was a meeting of the minds, as Sean and I got together. It is a rare treat, living on opposite coasts. Well, I am actually rounding Sean’s location up to the nearest coast, but you get the point. Sean’s visit was more of the working variety. On my end, I got some work done. Of course, it is easy to get work done when all you need to do is run an executable and walk away for a few hours. The only thing that works up a sweat in that process is the laptop. Which is great, cause I hate sweating.

Artwise, we see a lot more of the HOU environment in this strip. It is hard not to go green when you are living in an actual forest. Now, if this strip was colored, we would have to worry about the leaves changing colors and falling off the limbs. But since it is not, just imagine that the forest is a lush green year round. Or that there aren’t seasons in the HOU universe. Y’know, whatever floats your imaginary boat. We can’t do all the work here, people!

Oh, by the way, the thrilling conclusion of The Case of the Golden Engine



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