Humor: The Beatles Bootlegs

Being a Beatles historian, in that I was born way after they broke up, so I have only read about The Beatles in history books, I have made somewhat of mission of mine to collect their oddities, their never released songs, basically, whatever was put on the reels at Abbey Road. This has led me many places: the sands of the Sahara (in Las Vegas), London, and of course, Paul McCartney’s garden where he buried many of the tapes. I will list some of the previously unheard songs I have heard with some of observations

“The Telegraph Song” (circa 1959)
-One of the first songs ever recorded by John, Paul, and George (no Ringo yet), it mainly consists of Paul and John trading off “dos” and “dahs”

“When I’m Younger” (circa 1961)
-Paul’s song, one of the first where he is telling a story. Here, a man is aging backwards, becoming cuter.

“Muffled” (circa 1961)
-George takes the lead on this song. Unknown if he wrote it. About being silenced by an angry girlfriend.

“See You Soon” (circa 1962)
-Sung by John, containing some of his acerbic wit. About a man kissing off his woman as he is about to leave. Written in the first person.

“Sugar is Too Sweet” (circa 1962)
-Another Paul song, written about a tea party in someone’s backyard.

“Love is Grand (I Just Hope It Doesn’t Cost That Much)” (circa 1963)
-Probably precursor to “Can’t Buy Me Love.”

“Sad Song (Ringo is Sad)” (circa 1965)
-Probably written after the success of “This Boy” (aka “Ringo’s Theme”) from “A Hard Day’s Night.” Ringo warbles about how his girl left him. Laughter is heard near the end, unknown if the laughter was supposed to be part of the song or the boys taking the piss out of the song.

“The Higher Conscious” (circa 1966)
-Written around the time of “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds,” this is clearly a George song, as he talks about meditation and finding one’s higher being.

“Bollocks to the Singles” (circa 1966)
-Framed as an attack on people not being married, this one minute ragged piece is really John angry with being pushed to record something that EMI can release

“Shake It Out” (circa 1967)
-Notable if only it seems to have been recorded when John’s voice was hoarse with cigarettes so George Martin pitched his voice in tune. Beatles invent Auto-Tune?

“Standing on My Head” (circa 1968)
-A George song about, what else, spirituality.

“Breaking Up is Too Easy/Too Hard” (circa 1969)
-Ostensibly a song about a love triangle between John, Paul and some unknown girl, it may really be about The Beatles themselves. John sings that it is too easy to break up, while Paul holds out hope and says it is too hard. Often, their sections overlap.

“Catharsis” (circa 1970)
-This might have actually been recorded after The Beatles broke up. It is essentially a 12 minute jam session, with each member, even Ringo, taking over a couple of versus and singing some Beatles and non-Beatles lyrics.


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