Poem: Oprah

Well, since Reading for Robin is subtly campaigning for a spot on the Oprah Winfrey Show, I think Creative Bender should overtly do the same. So, Oprah, I hope you are reading this!

Oh Oprah
How I loved you in “The Color Purple”
Though I have never seen it
What rhymes with “purple”?

Oh Oprah
Your show went from somewhat trashy
To nothing but classy
Great, now the rhyming scheme is off.

Oh Oprah
I wish I was in your audience
And looked under my chair for some goodies
Though I imagine the taxes are huge on that sort of thing

Oh Oprah
You have so many celebrity friends
I bet you hang out with them all the time
And not only when they want to use you for a means to an end

Oh Oprah
Some of your shows make me cry
Just like a big, babbling baby
Especially the ones with free stuff (Did I mention already?)

Oh Oprah
Your book club opened my eyes and ways
To stories beyond pop-up
Whatever happened to that chap James Frey?

Oh Oprah
Soon you will leave us
And go to a channel called the Oprah Winfrey Network
Wait…OWN? I get it!

Oh Oprah
Though your weight my yo-yo
My love for you never will
Despite never watching a complete episode
Still more than I have seen of “The Color Purple”!

Oh Oprah
I feel like I’ve screwed this whole poem up
Can I still come on your show
And lament the fact that I am not really that creative?

Oh Oprah
Oprah, Oprah, Oprah
Oprah, Oprah



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One Response to “Poem: Oprah”

  1. Uori Blog Says:

    As Seen In Oprah…

    […] k Creative Bender should overtly do the same. So, Oprah, I hope you are reading […]…

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