Play: The Walk-Off

On the field of a baseball stadium. Fans are cheering loudly and players are running around. The INTERVIEWER grabs the HERO

INTERVIEWER: HERO, you just hit a walk-off homerun to win the game and secure a spot in the playoffs from this team. How do you feel?
HERO: Well, you know, it feels good. I was put in this position by my teammates and I really wanted to deliver.
As the HERO talks another player comes up and pies the HERO in the face. The INTERVIEWER and HERO both laugh.
INTERVIEWER: Do you remember the last time you had a hit this big?
HERO: No. Maybe in T-ball.
Another player comes up to the HERO and hits him in the face with powder. The INTERVIEWER and HERO both nervously laugh.
INTERVIEWER: You are now on pace to break your career high in homeruns and RBIs. You are also nearing the end of your contract. Coincidence?
HERO: Oh, I don’t want to talk about that. I just want to concentrate on this season.
Yet another player comes by and throws a drink in the HERO’s face. No one is laughing.
INTERVIEWER: So, uh, how is the wife?
HERO: Uh, the wife is good. She says hello.
A player comes by and hits the HERO in the face with a frying pan. The HERO is mad now.
HERO: A frying pan? Really? That’s it. I am going to give someone an embarrassing injury now.
The HERO darts off. The INTERVIEWER turns to the camera.
INTERVIEWER: Well, that’s it from the field, back to you guys in the booth.
In the booth, the ANNOUNCERS’ faces are covered with various substances from celebrating the victory.


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