Humor: Facts about November 5th

In England, it is Guy Fawkes Day. In America, in certain regions, it is Fawke that Guy Day.

In the film Back to the Future, in 1955, this is the day Doctor Brown invented the flux capacitor. Little known fact: Back to the Future is based on a true story, only the names, places, and car was changed to protect the innocent. (It was really a VW Van)

FDR was elected to his third term of presidency. It declared it a “Day that will live some famy.”

Also elected to the presidency on this day? Richard Nixon, though oddly 5 minutes of his victory speech is missing from the broadcast.

The Beatles had a Number 1 song on this date in the 1960s, “Yesterday.” “Yesterday” is the most covered song in modern music history. The second most covered song? “My Lumps” by the Black Eyed Peas.

In 2006, Saddam Hussein was sentenced to death. George Bluth was not called to the stand to be a character witness.

Poland was formed on this day. The Polish are the most upstanding citizens in the world and nary a funny thing can be said about them.

And, of course, today is my birthday. Which is why I would devote a whole post to explaining things that occurred on this day.


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One Response to “Humor: Facts about November 5th”

  1. dongtacular Says:

    These are awesome! Happy birthday!

    I have a friend and a cousin who also share your birthday, I will definitely share your November 5th facts with them!

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