Comic: Hollow Oak University – #13 – In Which Our Hero Slays The Damsel

Holy Hannah, a new Hollow Oak University! I do not believe my eyes. In case you forgot, here is where we last left Chester, Berkeley, Bryn, and ED17. A rampaging robot, a damsel distress, a hero and his sidekick (I’ll let you decide who is the hero and the sidekick), how else could this adventure end? I think this may be the most ambitious storyline HOU will see for a while, which explains why it took so long. Hopefully things will pick up a little after next week’s strip and we’ll bring the funny more often.

Lots of stuff going on right now. Both Sean and I are working on our respective dissertations. Their kinda important, hence why this blog has slowed down recently. For some reason, coming home after writing ten pages of technical jargon doesn’t inspire me to write. I am still hoping to keep the general schedule of Back of the Envelope on Mondays, photography on Wednesdays, and HOU on Fridays. Sometimes a 52 Card Write-Up on a Tuesday/Thursday as I get more participants. By the way, I am looking for more participants.

For now, enjoy this comic. Thanks for sticking with it as Sean and I fight our way through our disserations.



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