Hollow Oak University – #14 – The End of Life as We Know It

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? So long, I am not even going to link back to the comics that led to this epilogue. But I will sum it up: Chester wanted to create a robot (the jury’s still out on if he wanted to make it a killer robot or just one that has rude manners). Robot run amok as robots and ducks do. Berkeley fears for Bryn’s life, Chester fears for the robot’s mint condition, no one fears the Reaper. Bryn ends up placating the robot (named ED17) and giving it a voice. Which makes it misunderstood, not evil. Chester, as you can read in this strip, is none too please with this result.

So both Sean and I are preparing for the ends of our academic careers in our own separate ways. And separate schools. And separate states. But still, we are sharing this experience in common. He has a job lined up after he graduates (supposedly, he has many offers on the table). I have, let me check, no current offers on the table or on the floor. Which is a bummer. But I hear webcomicing pays well. Right? All those internet dollars.

Anyways, once we get back into the swing of things for Hollow Oak University, you will see the return of the short stories that fill out the spaces and corners of that universe. I have a few saved up, but am in no rush to publish them currently. Hopefully, this comic is the restart of something grand!

P.S. Ah, screw it, here’s a link to all the previous HOUs.



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