Hollow Oak University – #15 – Bye Bye Goatee

Live and in color! This is like seeing the Obelisk in 2001: A Space Odyssey, isn’t it? Next stop: 3-D! In about 20 or so years. So, does Berkeley look like you think he would? And yes, he did just burn his goatee off. Totally an in-story reason for that. Also, Berkeley likes blowing things up and it was only a matter of time before some bodily harm came to him. You should have seen the comics Sean and I came up with back in the 1950s with the original Berkeley and Chester, Oberlin and Radford. Back then, we didn’t have today’s censors and Obie and Rad were losing fingers and every last body hair they had were routinely catching fire. Also, they were fighting Commies. Who were also called Reds, which is a color, which is the highlight of today’s comic!

Just chugging along in real life. No news is good news except when one is looking for a job. Then it is just no news. But I am keeping myself busy, editing my dissertation, watching TV, loafing, going out to basketball games/poker nights/Lady Gaga concerts. Basically, being irresponsible before I need to be responsible. I am eager to start the next phase of my life, but also reluctant to totally give up on this phase. Is there anyway to combine these two phases into some sort of phaser?



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2 Responses to “Hollow Oak University – #15 – Bye Bye Goatee”

  1. Beth Says:

    this was a funny entry…like you said, enjoy your “freedom” while you can….a real job will be showing up very soon!!!! good luck..

  2. Comic: Hollow Oak Univeristy – #29 – Spring Cleaning « Creative Bender Says:

    […] defining these characters in different ways: by only their eyes, but Berkeley’s facial hair (in a previous strip) and so on. We are really fleshing out these characters (with the pun definitely […]

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