Comic: Hollow Oak University – #16 – Quite the Spectacles

You ever radically change yourself based off a comment a girl you have a crush on says in passing? Well, uh, me neither! But Berkeley definitely did. And I told you that Berkeley’s explosive goatee removal would pay off in a later strip. In this case, the next strip. I’d say the situation turned out with the glasses being half full for him. As long as Chester doesn’t mention this incident at any point in the future. And good friends never ridicule each other over something so trivial. Never, ever.

Not a long update this week, as I am very busy preparing for the end of my academic career. Well, the relative end as I try to wrap up my last big commitment. Y’know, summing up what the hell I’ve been doing with my life the past 6 years. No biggee. Biggy? Bigge? Biggee, Biggee, Biggee can’t you see?

Anyways, enjoy the comic!



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