Comic: Hollow Oak University – #17 – Maybe It’s Windex

Surprises that come out of nowhere are problematic. Especially those doled out by a scientist who, while not quite mad, doesn’t exactly care for the rules. So here we have Chester, who doesn’t have the same high opinion of Bryn that Berkeley has, pop out and try to include Bryn in some of experiments. Sadly, the experiment does not go as Chester would have liked and Bryn, well, she ain’t too happy about being involved at all. And you know we are going to follow this plot thread until it becomes unfunny. Then follow it a little more.

I currently have my editor cap on, editing. Working on editing a dissertation is like working on a diet. “I am currently 300, my goal is 250.” And, like a successful diet, at the end of all this, I will feel spectacular. I cannot wait for that moment. But, for now, I am working on getting my dissertation svelte.

And, I cannot end this post without mentioning Sean’s artwork in this strip. I love the work on the poster in the background. It has the illusion of great detail, but it really is something simple. So simple it is really effective. Kudos to Sean.



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2 Responses to “Comic: Hollow Oak University – #17 – Maybe It’s Windex”

  1. Stephanie/Lumie Says:

    That is still not how the IRB works. There is no getting around informed consent.

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