Comic: Hollow Oak University – #18 – The Two Body Problem

Sometimes, when life has you overwhelmed, you need to take time out to stop and smell the roses. In this case, Berkeley needs time to stop and figure out what the hell Chester (vis a vis Bryn) just sprayed him with. It is the perfect example of the transitive property, except instead of dull ole letters equaling each other, it is an unknown substance created by someone who doesn’t particular care about how it is tested. I believe this is how a typical outbreak happens. With lots of spraying and spritzing. And now that Berkeley is involved, nothing can possibly go wrong!

On the homefront, I am in this weird pendulum swing between doing something very intensive (editing) and something somewhat laid back (looking for a job). In a perfect world (one that does not only exist within my mind), both tasks would be intensive, as I would be getting lots of callbacks for positions. Unfortunately, that is not currently the case. But, at least with the job search, it is kinda out of my hands so I can’t spend a lot of time worrying over whether or not I will find a job. Que sera sera, whatever will be, will be. As Ned Flanders would say if an asteroid was hurtling towards Springfield.

One of the advantages of the comic being in color now is that it allows Sean more room to be creative in the background. Case in point, the reel-to-reel machine in the background of today’s strip. Apparently, while able to provide the facilities needed to invent killer robots and the like, Hollow Oak University still operates in the 1970s in terms of actual lab equipment. Seems reasonable. And explains a lot of the mishaps! Kudos to Sean for this week’s artwork (as always, he has the harder job so I will continue to give him kudos until I feel he is slacking off, then complain, complain, complain)



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