Comic: Hollow Oak University – #19 – Chester’s Loophole: Part 3

Someone’s got their head in a cloud. Or maybe that is just a ceiling tile. The eternal mystery of what the possible side effects of Chester’s little spray is made clear: floating. Or, as the scientific community puts it: walkinguson sunshineus. Whoa-oh! Berkeley and Bryn are definitely not feeling good. Though Berkeley has the foresight to look on the bright side and possible be the first jock-nerd in history. Next to the professor who invented flubber, of course.

Sean’s artwork once again takes center stage as it rests in the background. Check out those notations on the board. You can almost smell the chalk dust and see it in people’s hair. And, due to the nature of the spray, Sean has to do something he very rarely does: draw the bottom half of Berkeley and Bryn. You ever wonder why most strips cut off that part? But if you are amazed by this week’s art, wait till next week! Your socks will be knocked off, washed, dried, put back on to your feet, then knocked off again!



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