Comic: Hollow Oak University – #20 – Scenic Campus

So now Harvey, the overlord, excuse me, boss of Berkeley and Chester, is affected by Chester’s float spray. That is not exactly good news for Chester as Dr. Harvey is less than thrilled that he can touch the ceiling. And Berkeley and Bryn are now threatening to become whatever version of Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade balloons the Dirigible universe has. Things have gotten out of hand for Chester, though he is woe to admit it. In his mind, unitended consequences are as good as planned results. Especially if it means a paper is in order.

Talking of papers, I am currently writing one. Well, two actually. Writing a scientific paper really combines my creative side (which you may know I have) with my technical side. The creativity comes in handy when I have to describe the results, not when I come up wth the results, by the way. The papers are a really good way to organize and sum up my activities over the past year or years. Plus, I can say I am a published author!

Sean proposed the unusual layout of the strip this week and I have to say it really works. It gives a spatial reference for how out of control the effects of the spray are. Plus, again we get to see what the world is like outside of the labs. I also like the visual gag of lines of string tied to Berkeley and Bryn to keep them from floating off. Of coruse, with Harvey’s feet off the ground, the frame of reference of what constitutes the “ground” may be greater than what Chester may refer to as the ground. There is a lot going on in this strip, visually, and Sean captured it brilliantly.



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