Comic: Hollow Oak University – #21 – Chester’s Loophole: Part 5

Chester to the belated rescue! He finally sees the error of his ways. Of course, his ways, apparently, led to all of HOU to being “infected” with the floating. At least, a large portion of HOU, enough to fill an auditorium. No word on whether it was standing room only. But Chester has a plan to fix all of that. Even if it means that he cannot publish his findings in a journal. But those are the ropes in research sometimes. Sometimes you can’t publish because you don’t have anything unique to show, sometimes it is because your avoidance of the rules led to an outbreak of “Defying Gravity.”

I am going to be in NYC this weekend, visiting my sister (who runs Reading For Robin) If enough people are interested, maybe I’ll do a signing at a local bookstore. Which would entail me picking up random books off the shelves and scribbling in the margins until I get thrown out. But if that is what the people demand, that is what I will give them. As long as they give me bail money.

Sean and I are moving at a quick pace now with these strips. Word on the street is if we past 100 hits on a day when these are posted, a new website, solely dedicated to HOU, will be formed. The legends foretell it. So tell your friends, your friends’ friends, your neighbor (even the one you don’t like), and assorted strangers on the street about us!



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