Comic: Hollow Oak University – #22 – Demonstrable

A little peek into the history of Berkeley and Chester. Apparently Lil Berkeley loved demonstrating his little invention even back in grade school. I wonder what Mr. Rutgers would say to Dr. Harvey about their common friend. That is, if Mr. Rutgers isn’t in an asylum somewhere, rocking back and forth, dreading what next Lil Berkeley pulls from his backpack. Chester is somewhat shocked to learn about the possible real reason Mr. Rutgers left the teaching profession. He was probably told that Rutgers went to a teaching farm upstate, where he could run around free, teaching.

Landmark day today: I am graduating. So I have that going for me, which is nice.

Sean’s art this week is both subtle and obvious. The “Under Construction” sign is a great little sight gag, but I like Chester’s expression in the final panel more. Very rarely to we get to see Berkeley or Chester shocked. They are usually the ones shocking other people (both literally and figuratively). But I think Chester’s face says it all. I might frame that panel one day, when I have enough money to waste on such friviloties.



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