Comic: Hollow Oak University – #23 – Need a Bigger Test Tube

Be careful what you say around Chester. A turn of phrase may become a turn of the screw into a new and horrible creature. Inspiration is 2 parts perspiration and 3 parts taking things out of context. Let us all just be happy that Chester’s intentions were a giant failure. Get it? GIANT failure? As in, he was trying to create a giant and he failed. So, a giant failure.

My world travels continue, if you mean “East Coast” by world. I am currently in South Florida, for a celebatory weekend with the family. People getting bat mitzvahed, my graduation, I am sure someone will pipe in with a birthday or two. It is good to be back in my homeland for a happy occassion for once.

What more can I say about Sean’s art? Other than he has put in the same number of strips for this property as he did for his previous work, Arrogant and Lazy. Considering the art is more intense for HOU (Backgrounds! Feet! Eyebrows!), this is a great accomplishment. I am glad I am a part of this. Mainly because I feel like my motivation techniques for Sean (threats of bodily harm) have given him the right amount of drive to get these done.



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