Comic: Hollow Oak University – #24 – Sharing the Pain

What good is power without delegation? Also, karma is a word that rhymes with witch that isn’t itch. Berkeley learns these two lessons the hard way when Dr. Harvey assigns him a paper to edit. Hopefully Berkeley is a competant editor. And a paper can’t spontaneously combust, can it? So at least Berkeley’s next project will actually follow the safety codes. We can only hope. Or maybe not, as Berkeley’s misadventures are hilarious, to at least us, the audience. Who is safe behind our computer screens.

Summer’s here and with that heat. And with the heat, air conditioning. And with air conditioning comes great responsibility. Don’t you just love the upcoming seasons until they actually get here and you remember why you hate that particular season? Summer used to hold such promise of vacations and slacking off. Now it holds the promise of heat and humidity. Where did it go so wrong?

A couple of over the shoulder POVs in this week’s strip, which Sean pulls of masterfully, which he always does. It was really back to basics. Heh, I made a pun.



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