Comic: Hollow Oak University – #26 – Success

Berkeley using SCIENCE! to win over Bryn is nothing new. Here though, Berkeley is a little more direct and it actually works out for him. But, as one relationship blossoms, another one seems to be annoying, I mean, being pushed aside. Chester pops in out of nowhere (well, I guess somewhere, but not somewhere you’d expect a scientist to be). Berkeley says no. And we are left wondering how the heck Chester got into the vent in the first place. Like most things about Hollow Oak, it is probably best not to think about it. Just laugh and tell your friends.

Is it summer already? The answer is yes. What does that mean for me? Work. Heat. And I am not talking about those in thermodynamic and flow terms. Except for the heat part. But if that’s what summer entails, then that’s what I must endure until the fall. When it will hopefully be Work. Cold.

Going back to the Chester and the vent, I think Sean did a good job with the reveal. It is comical, and yes, a bit cliche, but with the coloring and Berkeley’s body language it is really sold well. So did you guys buy it?



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