Comic: Hollow Oak University – #28 – Moody Lighting

When the lights go out in the university, and the eyes shine on the way, do I want to be there, in my university, ohoh ohohoh oho. Didn’t know that Hollow Oak was going to reference Journey, now did ya? Okay, well, they didn’t reference Journey, I just did. Still, I think it is appropriate. In an ironic way, since Bryn definitely does not want to be at the university in the dark. Any hope of a romantic evening (as romantic as Berkeley can make it) went out like those lights.  As you can tell, in the darkness, the only thing that can be used to identify which Dirigible is which are their eyes. I peg their eyes at about 40 Watts, give or take. And you never know who is around if their eyes are wide shut!

Currently, I am in the 50th state, Hawaii. Aloha! One of the perks of being a researcher is presenting your research in exotic places like Hawaii or the south side of Chicago. Hopefully their are some Lost sights within walking distance of the hotel. I mean, do you really think i flew ten hours just to present? Heck no, I want to see the Hatch!

Sean’s artwork this week may appear minimal, but it is maximum in terms of the desired effect. By just their eyeballs, Sean invokes not only which character is speaking, but also their expression. I especially like now with color, we can tell which Dirigible is the best (the one with blue eyes, obviously!)



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2 Responses to “Comic: Hollow Oak University – #28 – Moody Lighting”

  1. Sean Says:

    That isn’t comic #28. It’s an unfinished version of #29.

  2. Beerman Says:

    I have no idea what you are talking about…


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