Comic: Hollow Oak Univeristy – #29 – Spring Cleaning

I guess every cloud does have a silver lining, or at least, Chester can artificially create that silver lining. The darkness gives Chester the unique opportunity to improve the equipment in the lab. By way of destroying said equipment. I mean really, it is like a fire clearing the underbrush in a forest in order for new vegetation to grow, right? Each is destructive but each are employed for the improvement of the system. Of course, in Chester’s case, deception is included in the process. I doubt the fire is going to turn around to the bolt of lightning that generated it and lie about why those plants had to burn. in the analogy, the bolt of lightning is Dr. Harvey.

Moving on from talking about clouds, lightning and fire, I am very proud to say that now both authors of this fine strip are doctors. Not medical doctors, but doctors of philosophy (though we can take a look at that if you want). That philosophy? Being awesome. Sean recently defended his dissertation and passed. Hence why last week’s strip had our names as “Doctor.” Cause we totally are!

Congrats once again to Sean. Who would have thought that over the course of nearly 30 strips, we both would become doctors? And yet, a little part of me is most proud of our accomplishments on Creative Bender than in the lecture hall. Just a little, though. It is still awesome to present research and see my work being referenced elsewhere (as I recently witnessed at a conference).

Nothing to say about the art this week. I mean, Sean continues to do fine work with all the negative space the power outage plotline dictates. I really do like this idea of drawing and defining these characters in different ways: by only their eyes, but Berkeley’s facial hair (in a previous strip) and so on. We are really fleshing out these characters (with the pun definitely intended).



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