Comic: Hollow Oak University – #30 – Shut the Beep Up

Correlation is not causation. Just because the lights went out when Berkeley was using the laser doesn’t mean that the laser caused the blackout. Of course, in the end, Berkeley did create the early night with another invention, but the point still stands: Berkeley was fairly right about his actions during his date with Bryn. There’s a beeping, a beeping that indicates the power has been sapped, the lights are out…QED.

Today, I am at a wedding. Yes, another one. No, not mine (again). A coworker’s. So once more, I get to share in the joys of marriage (mainly cake) without dealing with the proverbial ball and chain. I can totally see why the Wedding Crashers did it. It was for the cake right? I only saw the trailer, so I assume it was for the cake.



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