Comic: Hollow Oak University – #31 – Not a Rhetorical Question

Now that the solution has been found, things can return to normal at Hollow Oak University. Well, relatively normal. Which may actually be relatively INSANE. But things have to reach some sort of equilibrium and that equilibrium is reached when the lights get turned back on. Chrster goes back into a vent, Bryn chides Berkeley, Berkeley remains fairly oblivious to the chiding. All in all a typical day at an atypical lab.

Grinding through the summer months now, aren’t we? Griding isn’t the right word. Sweating is. The other day, it was a 100 in the land where ideas are born. Not my brain, cause that would mean I would have a fever. I meant the land where that brain currently resides, in the DMV area. Which makes my walking to the Metro to commute to work even more strenuous. Cause walking before was a whole lot of exercise for me.

With a return of the lights (and the color), Sean’s artistic skill goes back the norm, too. But there are some interesting wrinkles: the vent, the chair, an actual back of a Dirigible. It is good to see these characters again after the little detour into darkness. Now we have a series of strips coming up that will push the art envelope (which I imagine has a very cool stamp on it) even further.



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