Comic: Hollow Oak University – Special – No Science Shall Escape His Sight

Usually, when I send script ideas to Sean, I tend to avoid making any pop culture references. Yes, me, the crown prince of Trivial Pursuit, wants to avoid pop culture with Hollow Oak University. It is a twofold reason: one, the comic takes place in a different universe, where a pop culture gag more than likely wouldn’t grow organically out of most situations, and two, I feel a lot of webcomics out there already make pop culture jokes, probably way better than I could, and there are even a few that make those sorts of jokes with nerd humor (a certain series that links together 4 random letters, for example). So, when I talk to Sean about what jokes should go where, I don’t think about the latest movie or the book I just read, I just think about what works the nerdiest.

That’s just a long-winded way of saying this: despite my hesitation about using pop culture, I love that Sean sketched out Berkeley as a Green Lantern here. It was totally unexpected. My last go round with reading comics on a weekly basis was all about Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner, John Stewat, and Kyle Rayner. So it is nice to see Berkeley has joined their ranks and is probably giving Ch’p a run for his money on the cuteness scale.



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