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Back of the Envelope – #20 – Gotta Blame Someone

January 31, 2011

New character equal boredom with the old characters. Especially that “A” fellow. Whoever he is based on is such a bore!

In case it isn’t clear, the new character is named Parody. And will be used to parody things.


Back of the Envelope – #19 – Messin’ with Some Such

January 24, 2011

Oh, wait a feeling! Drawing on the ceiling.

Back of the Envelope – #18 – The Devil’s Lament

January 17, 2011

At least someone is benefiting!

Photography: Playing the Blues

January 12, 2011

One of many guitar statues in Austin, Texas.

Back of the Envelope – #17 – Wishing Upon a Star

January 10, 2011

It’s SCIENCE! You can’t get depressed over SCIENCE!

Photography: For Every Season

January 5, 2011

Back of the Envelope – #16 – Happy New Year…Shh, Not So Loud!

January 4, 2011

Something to explain why Back of the Envelope is being posted on Tuesday.

Haiku: True Grit (Movie Review)

January 3, 2011

Coen Bros. direct
Western seen once before ago
Doesn’t deter fun