52 Card Write-Up

52 Card Write-Up is a project beginning in July 2010 that seeks my friends’ and family’s witticisms and signatures on a deck of playing cards. Think of the deck of cards as a high school yearbook that is yearning to have scribblings, but with a more fun scope and one that allows for a little bit more creativity. Each marking of a card should relate to the card itself, so on an “Ace” someone can write “Ace in the Hole” or on a “Jack” they can write “Jack in the Box.” Since the project is a little bit quirky, the hope is the process of acquiring people’s participation will be a bonding, or at least shared, experience. It is always interesting to see what people think of when they view a particular card, what their sense of humor is and how they express it. The eventual plan is to possibly frame a few, if not all, of the cards and hang up in my apartment. That way it can serve as a reminder of the friendships and relationships I have had in my life.

You can find what people have written on a card under the “52 Card Write-Up” tag or “Art” category.


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